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People Are Finally Talking About Impeaching BushCheney!

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So ... Can We Talk ??

Clearly, the current Members of Congress have a moral obligation -- and an oath-bound duty -- to impeach the rogue bushcheney regime for admitted crimes both international and domestic:

  • Crimes against humanity like torture and kidnapping.
  • Crimes against the American People like terrorizing the nation into war
    (with lies about "Mushroom Clouds!!").

BUT . . . they are so immobilized by baseless beliefs like impeachment being "certain political suicide" -- or that it's somehow "too late" to defend the Constitution -- that they are deaf to the moral, patriotic case.

The TRUTH is that impeachment
shouldn't actually require much "courage."

Impeachment is not just our ONLY moral, patriotic option. It is also our best hope for change -- a vehicle for both re-uniting our once-great nation and reversing the damage of rightwing extremism.

Which is why we must get the entire country TalkingImpeachment. And by that we mean challenging impeachophobia -- confronting corruptly-rationalized inaction -- and holding up failure to impeach to face public scorn. TalkingImpeachment is no passive or casual activity.

It means targetting those who under normal circumstance we might agree with or even admire. It is the only way to cut through the euphemized haze created by the "professional" consultants -- obsessed with DC-based "strategery" -- who hold sway over our so-called "leaders" by instilling in them irrational fears.

So ... can we talk our way to impeachment of the most Anti-American regime in our history?

You're damn right we can.

On this website you can find -- and perhaps contribute to -- what we've found to be the best raw evidence, effective talking points, and key people to target.

All we need is YOU!